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Dec 17 '13

Don’t Feed the Trolls

I am once again compelled to talk about something that seems to be a relatively important thing to the internet, “trolls.” What is a troll? I’ve made my own definition that should help you understand a bit more about where I am coming from in the following post.

Troll - a person (usually on the internet) who uses insults, threats, repetitive actions, humor, or other forms of deliberate instigation in order to get attention or a response from their target or the people around them.

You’ll notice that my definition has a lot of the word “or” in it. This is because trolls come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and levels of intelligence. One thing that is important to know that not all trolls are out to cause trouble or get a negative response. To me, trolls can also be silly, interesting, and sometimes very clever. What causes someone to choose the dark side over the other (see what I did there) is still a mystery to me. However, I wanted to discuss in detail my thoughts and opinions on what trolls are, what they want, and what we should give them.

Firstly, I want to try and label a few different types of trolls in order to categorize them into their appropriate groups. Of course, this list isn’t exact. There are many different types of people, therefore, there are many different types of trolls.

 The Spammer - the one that will always post “umad” in every situation. This type of troll is usually not very intelligent, and will most likely belong to a younger age group. They rely on saying or doing the same thing over and over again simply to gain their recognition.

The Flame a troll that would rather avoid rational socializing and stick to blatant insults towards their target. Although they are not commonly very bright, they can sometimes be an intelligent but socially awkward individual. This troll doesn’t necessarily need a response. They would rather see you unhappy like they are.

The Graduate - this individual can be tricky and unrelenting. They will most likely have a high school education, but they will act like they have graduated university with their doctorate. They don’t just want attention, they want to ensure they have ALL of your attention while they prove how vast their knowledge is. Most of their “knowledge” may or may not be opinion based. Insulting, judging, and trying to belittle their opponent is what they do best, regardless of the circumstances. 

As I said before, there are many different types of trolls, but I wanted to mainly focus on the ones that I deal with. Now, by dealing with, I mean giving attention to them. The phrase, “don’t feed the trolls” comes from when somebody gives attention to somebody who is giving them problems instead of ignoring them. Generally, ignoring a troll is a good way to make them go away. However, most trolls are not good trolls, and the ones that aren’t good can be unpredictable and ridiculous. I find it enjoyable and entertaining to not only “feed” the trolls, but do so in an appropriate way. It’s always a good idea to get serious and try to intelligently inform a person about how  incoherent and antisocial they are, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Sometimes you can fight fire with fire. I enjoy being silly, making a joke out of their attempts to troll. It is funny to see a troll get “umad” (did I use that term correctly?). To simply ignore a problem until it goes away does not always work. To fight back does not always work either. It’s important to figure out what kind of troll you’re dealing with and handle them in the bet way possible. Simply censoring them is great when you have control over them (chat room, website, forum), but censoring isn’t always going to resolve the problem. I am all for free speech, expression your opinion, and otherwise openly discussing what you want. So, when I deal with a troll, I like to figure out what it is they want. If it is only attention, they just got it. If they want to see you hurt or emotional because of the words they say, just stay head strong. Ultimately, they’re the ones who have to rely on terrible methods to feel better about themselves, and they’re trying to bring you down to their level. That’s gotta mean something to you. And if they think that everything you like is stupid, what you’re doing is pointless, or that they are generally smarter than you, that’s fine! Trolls can be entitled to their own opinion and they could very well be more intelligent than they let on. At the end of the day, they’re the ones needing the attention, they’re the ones that need you, and not the other way around.

Please, feed the the trolls. Feed them with the attention they deserve when ignoring them simply won’t work. Ignoring a problem does NOT make it go away every time.

May 21 '13

Praying For You

It has come to my attention that everyone (yes, someone you may know) is praying. Is this a problem? At face value, no, it’s completely fine. However, the way most people practice it really demeans the whole process. Now that I have the introduction out of the way, let me dive into my though process, personal experience, and conclusion.

Before you read any further, take into consideration that I do NOT have anything against the idea of religion or the practice of it. You can/should believe what you want to believe. Does this mean that nobody should question your beliefs or make you question them yourself? Of course it doesn’t. In fact, if you choose to believe something based off of faith and not facts or evidence, you should have that faith challenged every day. This will either cause you to come to your own conclusion with a headstrong opinion, or it will make you even that much more faithful and strengthen a foundation that you’ve already started.

Moving on… Prayer, what is that? I’ll tell you. Prayer is a one-on-one conversation you have with your deity of choice (Ex: God, Buddha, Zeus). This “conversation” isn’t really a one-on-one as much as it is a one…but that doesn’t matter. The idea is that you are talking with a god, and expecting them to listen to you. This doesn’t mean respond, it means listen. We all know the difference between hear and listen don’t we? Good. So what you pray for should be sincere, genuine, and have reasoning behind it. We all have a good idea what prayer is and what prayer should be right? 

Prayer as we see on the internet, what is that? I’ll tell you. Prayer on the internet is NOT one-on-one, one, or a one-on-one with a reach around. We’ll use the term “e-pray” to make things simpler. E-praying is done to show off your religious muscle. It makes you seem noble, heroic, and most of all, a good person. People can tell who the good guys are because of their “praying for you” post on every single negative status, comment, and update possible. Can we be honest with ourselves for a second? It will be our secret so nobody can judge you though. Have you ever posted “praying for you” or something similar, but you didn’t actually pray for what you said you would? I know I have. I am willing to bet that a majority of you have done that at some point too. Is that ok? Of course it is. However, let’s look at the #PrayForOklahoma thingy that is trending on Twitter. What do hashtags on there usually consist of? They consist of what is popular…

Popular: “regarded with favor, approval, or affection by people in general.”

What words stick out to you? Favor? Approval? Affection? Don’t we all desire those things? I know I do. You know, I would just about type up anything to gain approval from everyone that was reading what I typed. I bet if I typed “praying for you” on some friend’s Facebook post, I would automatically receive affection from them and immediately be in their favor. It makes sense to say that a lot of people that post “praying for you” on the internet MIGHT just want the attention and the thumbs up that comes with it. 

Posting “praying for you” or “#PrayForOklahoma” shows NO emotion. It shows NO empathy. If you really want to show somebody you care about them or the situation, try a little bit harder. I know when I want to let somebody know I care, I’ll type up a longer message and tell them how I feel about it.

I won’t talk about actually doing something for a few reasons. If you wanted to do something, you wouldn’t post “praying for you” or hashtag whatever. You would get up and do something. I’ll use the current example… You could donate, you could give time to the cleanup (if you are in the area), or you could find other ways to help. I don’t want to make the assumption that praying for somebody or something doesn’t do anything, because to people who are religious, it could do something. It just bothers me that people just say those words, type them out, or try to fit in by tagging themselves to a larger cause just to try and gain attention and approval from people that see them.

HOPEFULLY that makes a bit more sense than my short posts on Twitter.

Also, I’ve been there… A tornado destroyed a lot in my town last year and caused major damage to the house we lived in at the time. What is the one thing that didn’t help us? Prayer. My parent’s super intelligent financial planning helped us by providing insurance to cover MORE than the cost of the damage. The entire town worked together to clean up, help each other, and give appropriate effort to make things normal again. Family and friends supported those who needed it. Workers for the police, fire department, hospitals, utilities, and other departments made restoration as fast as possible. And neighboring towns pulled together in different ways to assist against the natural disaster that had just occurred. 

It is obvious that PEOPLE made everything better. Of course there can be little miracles along the way that I will allow you to give credit to God for. I may not believe, but I feel like you should if you choose to. All I ask is that you don’t give him/her credit that they don’t deserve. Give credit to those who actually help.


Don’t say “praying for you” or tag yourself in a group along with others who say it just to be popular. Praying should be a sincere and meaningful conversation between you and a deity of your choice. Exploiting prayer and converting it to “e-prayer” only makes it that much less important and sacred… this coming from an atheist.

Dec 29 '12
Dec 14 '12

The Only Thing I Have To Say…

Before you read, THIS  is why I’m ranting

Of course, I don’t mean to sound like a dick. It’s definitely not what should be done at all in reference to what happened today in Connecticut. However, this kind of thing should NEVER have blame put on anything or any person other than who did the terrible crime. Mike Huckabee, you are an embarrassment to the state of Arkansas. More towards my point, you are an embarrassment to religious people everywhere. I would hope to see you put out of every political position you have or could have, your ‘voice’ stripped from you so that no other would see or hear your bat-shit crazy opinions, and a public apology for what you’ve said. 

To all religious and non-religious friends of mine,
I don’t care what religion you are. In fact, I would prefer that religion remain in society no matter how much I oppose some of the things believed from it, taught from it, and acted on because of it. So many people do great things in the name of religion, just as much as people do great things in the name of non-religion. So, when you see my statuses poking fun at it, don’t think I am against the concept of religion. Faith is a wonderful thing that I simply cannot have towards gods. I understand if you want to have it; I understand you want to hold on to it. I think that what happened today is horrific beyond what my words can explain. But, peoples’ faith will pull them through this tragedy just as much as having no faith will for others. Religion doesn’t work for everyone, nor should it have to. But, if it works for you and can help you keep your loved ones closer, it’s all right with me. PLEASE, do not use your religion to pull people apart and separate them from the rest. It does not give you the moral high ground, nor does it give you the right to put blame on non-religious people for something that clearly was not the fault of them.

Mike Huckabee is a great example of religion gone wrong. I do not believe that ANY of my friends on here are an example of that (because we wouldn’t be friends if you were), and I feel like you don’t want to be put in the same category as this lunatic. The reason why I posted this is so that you may see why I bash religion/religious people sometimes. It’s not to piss you off, it’s to make you aware of the kind of bull shit I see on a daily basis while surfing the internet.

The only way people will get through tragedies, like today’s, is together. Do not set apart your fellow humans because of their values and beliefs.


Dec 14 '12

Jeeeeez that is depressing. Lol’d for a few moments.

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Oct 5 '12

An Appropriate Farewell to a Long Time Friend

To be honest, I don’t know where to begin…

You have been with me for a long time now. There definitely is not an easy way to do this, so I’m going to do the best I can at putting this into words. 

For a while, I’ve been thinking about how I should do this. Should I drag it out? End it abruptly? Is there even an easy way to begin with? All these thoughts have been going through my mind for a few weeks. Ever since I got this new job things have been rough. I hardly have any time for you now, and it’s not fair to you or me to try and force myself to “pencil you in.” School, of course, has taken its toll on me as well. I’ve had three papers just in this past week alone. I am barely getting sleep, stressed, and too focused on being productive to give you the time you deserve. I have come to the conclusion that it is just easier to let you go…

What you have done for me is amazing. You cared for me when nobody else would. You didn’t care what time it was; you were there for me. It could be late at night, early in the morning, and even a brief period in the afternoon, but you didn’t care. You would always open up for me as if to say, “it’s OK buddy. I’m here for you.” I can’t even remember a time where you weren’t in my life. I mean, there have been times where I haven’t given the appropriate time to you that you deserve, but none where I felt like I needed to be done with you completely. At this point, however, I just don’t see how very much of this will be possible anymore. All my focus on school, constantly being at work, and trying to put as much time into YouTube and Twitch as I can has really taken a toll on me emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

I feel like you are a distraction to say the least. You’ve kept me from so much work lately that I don’t really feel like you are there for me in the way you should be. You should be there for me when I am free, bored, and have nothing else to do. You are not. You are there for me when I’m busy, distracted, and have plenty to do. I have made my decision to end this as soon as I can. Now. I am sorry that there was no previous warnings or clues. Hopefully… some day in the future… I will have time for you in my life again. I wish there is more I could do for you in return for all that you’ve done for me…

Goodbye… porn folder…


Oct 5 '12

The idea of a divine creator belittles the elegant reality of the universe.
-Richard Dawkins


The idea of a divine creator belittles the elegant reality of the universe.

-Richard Dawkins

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Aug 29 '12

I Translated the Bible Today…

This whore was thinking about dudes she fucked in the past. She remembered how hung they were. They were hung like a bunch of donkeys (which is pretty damn big). She also remembered how much they came. BUCKETS of cum, like horses do, and she wanted that shit so fucking bad. What a dirty bitch.”

Does that turn you on?


Translated from:

Ezekiel 23: 20 - “There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of a donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.”


Bible, you nasty.

Aug 11 '12

Here’s Another

Banana Tease

Aug 11 '12

The Olympics #2 “Godzilla”